What I’m doing now

Last updated: Feb 22nd 2021

Moving forward I will be looking to work with some UK based (or GMT time zone) businesses and re-establish myself here in the UK.

Right now the majority of my time is spent on: Primarily spending any free time working with consulting clients, as well as seeking my next business opportunity(/ies), Building the groundwork to launch my own e-commerce brand here in the UK .

My current commitments are:

  1. Working with consulting clients on awesome projects!
  2. Building the foundations of my own e-commerce business.
  3. Looking for new opportunities to be part of... (Have something you have in mind? Message me and let's chat.)

Time permitting, I will consider:

  1. Guest on your podcast
  2. Guest posting on your blog
  3. Providing expert quotes

Still here? Lets talk...